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Laser Jetting Soldering

High-speed jetting of more than 4 Balls per second provides innovative production yields and micro-level precision.

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Laser wire Soldering

Non-contact type micro soldering equipment using Diode Laser, non-contact type soldering equipment for micro soldering to parts difficult to tip soldering according to trend of miniaturization and miniaturization of electronic parts


Micro-LED Laser Soldering 

It is optimized for laser de-soldering and soldering to RGB pixels of micro-pitch micro-LED displays.

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Core Values of the Company

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User Friendly GUI S/W

1. Based on Graphic Editor, user can easily create Motion File, and the operator can easily check the status of current work while viewing the screen.

2. Laser Power Profile and other related parameters can be easily checked and changed on the program screen. (9 Step Power Profile)

3. Fast quality conditions desired by operator Setting

4. Parameter setting per soldering PAD

5. Efficient project management