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Selective Soldering Equipment

Selective Soldering Equipment - 3 (SYS-S

SLD300L (Semi auto type)

Selective Soldering Equipment

Selective Sodering Equipment - 1.png

New Arrival (Semi auto type)

Nozzle Collection

Selective Soldering Nozle.jpg

Various nozzle solutions

Internal Structure  

Internal Structure (Robot Stage).jpg

Robot Stage

Internal Structure  

Internal Structure (Preheater Pyrometer)

Preheater Pyrometer

Internal Structure  

Internal Structure  (Clamp).jpg


Internal Structure  

Internal Structure  (Bottom Preheating).

Bottom Preheating


SoftWare_User Interface (Master).jpg

User Interface (Master)


SoftWare_User Interface (IO).jpg

User Interface (IO)

1. Implement all-in-one equipment and realize maximum speed of 1500m / s by applying servo motor.

2. Increase competitiveness of equipment price.

3. Install a standby zone in the equipment to reduce PCB wait time and movement time.

4. Reduced supply time and cost of parts for AS period.

5. Respond flexibly to customer needs with equipment software internalization.

6. Customized exterior and color.

7. Ensure nozzle diversity.

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